Extending v2 components

Extending v2 components

Post by d.merc » Mon, 10 May 2004 05:25:25

 Does anyone know of an example or  a tutorial of extending a v2 component ?  I
have seen tutorial on how to create a new v2 component but have not seen how to
extend existing v2 components(ie the v2 tree)



Extending v2 components

Post by silkpuppe » Wed, 12 May 2004 09:05:38

Yes, it is yet another MX 2004 component bug. I've had some success getting it
to work by using _xscale and _yscale along with over-riding the the
_resizeHandler method that gets attached to the drop-down clip. It's an ugly
hack and I don't even want to post it.

 I'd try to find the real root of the problem, but I'm already running behind
schedule on my project because of the various other bugs in Flash MX 2004
professional. I've spent about 25% of my project (so far) hacking together
solutions to various component bugs. Maybe Macromedia will release a non-beta
version of their product some day.

 (Sorry... had to vent. I just spent a day and a half on this bug and I'm

 Please post it if you find a reasonable solution.

 FYI: It's actually Stage.align = "LT", not  "TL".

 One of the many documentation bugs. I found the above little gem by looking at
the source code of mx.managers.SystemManager. The developer wrote a comment
about the documentation being incorrect. Funny, since that code was written
months ago and they can live-update the documentation at any time.