Does The ADOBE Reader for PPC work on HP IPAQ 1945

Does The ADOBE Reader for PPC work on HP IPAQ 1945

Post by Lenore_B.. » Sun, 04 Jan 2004 02:11:23

I have purchased some expensive business books for the acrobat reader format but I can not read them on my pocket pc. I have downloaded and activated version 6.0.1 of Adobe Reader for my pc. I downloaded Adobe Reader 1.0 for pocket p.c. into my HP IPAQ 1945 but when I drag the book from my desktop to my IPAQ folder I receive this message "Unable to open file, The file is being copied to handheld without processing. I turned off tagging and received this error when I tried to open the book in my handheld "There was an error opening this document. The viewer can not decrypt this document."

I am able to read the books on my desk top, but the reason I bought them is to have them with me at work and when traveling. Please help me figure this out.


Does The ADOBE Reader for PPC work on HP IPAQ 1945

Post by Arthur_Sm.. » Sun, 04 Jan 2004 02:21:20


Does The ADOBE Reader for PPC work on HP IPAQ 1945

Post by JonTay.. » Sat, 08 May 2004 07:01:26

On Adobe's site they say:

Q: Can I view eBooks on PocketPC?

A: eBooks are not currently supported on the Adobe Reader for PocketPC since it does not include the Adobe DRM system. We will evaluate Pocket PC support for a future release if there is enough demand from consumers.

If enough consumers demand it, it will probably happen.
Use the URL below to ask for it



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I know some of you have been successfully install and using Flash Player 6 in PPC2003 in Pocket IE.
But I think I am one of the unlucky one to get it work.

Actually I have check the following:
- I have downloaded Flash Player PPC version
- I have try to use both ActiveSync 3.7 or directly copy the "" to install
- The flash.dll locates in files://windows/Macromedia correctly and I can remove the program in Settings -> System -> Remove
Programs. (i.e The Flash Player PPC is successfully installed)
- I have try to soft reset my iPAQ after installing the Flash Player PPC.
- The *.swf and *.html file should be no problem (use default setting to publish in Flash MX), even though I have try to run those
example files in Flash Player PPC development kit.
- I have install FlashAssist. But the program told me I don't have any version of Flash Player PPC installed.

Does anyone know what I have missed or there's something wrong out there?
Any help would be appreciate, thank you!


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