Flash and Pocket PC and Updating Local files

Flash and Pocket PC and Updating Local files

Post by bryn » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 00:50:26


I am looking at designing an application targetted at Pocket PC type PDA's (specifically the iPaq).

The application calls for loading a data file onto the PDA, then using the flash application to update the data file; when all done, send it back (using active synch).
Choices for development tools looks like Flash; MS-VB; AppForge.  I prefer Flash since we are already set up for it.
Nice things like wireless LAN and bluetooth for Internet Access are not feasible for this application, so we are stuck with using activesynch.

So, it seems easy enough, I just need to send an XML file to the PDA, have Flash open it as an XML object, and update it.

However I don't see function calls in Flash that allow XML (or any other) files locally on the client (PDA or PC) to be opened or saved;  the commands I see refer to URL's on a server, or components etc.

Can Flash 6 Player or the Projector version open and read/write to (xml or text or whatever) files resident on the filesystem of the PC/PDA ?

When is the Pocket PC 2003 version of Flash likely to support Flash 7 ? (currently looks like Flash 6 only, which may be limiting).

Does the Pocket PC version of Flash 6 Player/Projector support the XLM function set ?

- Bryn Parrott

Bryn Parrott
The Changing Workplace Ltd,
Sussex, UK


Flash and Pocket PC and Updating Local files

Post by slamdunkinpoo » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 15:48:45

Using loadVars.load or XML.load you can load/read the local file in flash. Use XML object and load your file into it. For save operation you will have to send it to VB program using XMLSocket(flash) and winsock(VB).  Once you have the XML object in VB its easy to save it locally.


Flash and Pocket PC and Updating Local files

Post by bryn » Sat, 17 Jan 2004 00:15:25

Thanks for that...

Seems like Flash not viable for my current project (sad to say I know).

This seems a pity...

One might wish that Macromedia were more serious in regard to proper application development, and saw more potential in the Mobile application market; if they did there would be no nonsense regarding Flash 6/ Flash 7 support, and they would support things like Symbian as well as Windows support.

So we are now looking at AppForge; looks more viable.


Bryn Parrott
The Changing Workplace Ltd,
Sussex, UK


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