Flash and Clie

Flash and Clie

Post by CKG9 » Thu, 05 Feb 2004 19:28:00

I'm planning to develop an app for CLI.  One of the requirements is that it looks really good, so I'm thinking about using Flash.  The app won't be doing anything particularly unusual, but it does need to be able to read from and write to Memory Stick.  However, I read in the 'Content Development Kit for Sony CLI' that 'data cannot be saved locally to the CLI or a Memory Stick from a Flash application' (p9).  Is there a way round this?  Is it possible to call the Palm OS API or Sony SDK from within Flash?  I'm very new to Flash and Palm OS so please excuse any apparent ignorance.  I'd be grateful for anyone's thoughts on this problem.

Flash and Clie

Post by Bill Perr » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 03:40:00

As far as I know it's not possible to save data locally to either the CLIE memory or the Memory Stick using Flash.  The FP for CLIEs is version 5 and I'm not positive if the ActionScript available with the FP5 will be able to interact with the Palm OS on the CLIE.

You could take a look at CLIE Source forums (http://www.cliesource.com/) to see if anyone there might have some suggestions for saving data locally on a CLIE.


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1. How do I play my Flash on Clie NX70V

  I just finished the first round of testing on my new Clie NX70V.
Bought it at Best Buy.  By the time all the smoke settled, I had spent
around $800 ($600 + memory stick + warranty).  I can get Flash 5 .swf I
made for my iPaq to play on the Clie. Just use the install tool to move
the .swf to the Clie.  I don't have a reader for the memory stick yet.
When I get one, I am sure that I will be able to move .swf directly from
the PC to the Clie without having to go through a HotSync.
  First impression:
The screen, 320x480, is superb. Playback is "almost" full screen. There
is a thin row of icons (volume, etc.) at the bottom of the screen. The
Clie "Flash Enabled" demo is wall to wall, but seems to make use of
something called ZoomSpace by GeoPhoenix (http://www.geophoenix.com/)
  The audio volume, without earphones, is not exactly ear splitting. Not
nearly as loud as my iPaq 3600. With phones, your ears will bleed, but
not without them. The LoadMovieNum action seems slower on the Clie than
the 3600.
  Big disappointment:  
So far, I can only get ADPCM audio compression to play.  MP3 playback
within the .swf, so far, does not work. I have seen other posts on
ClieSource that say the same thing. I am a little worried, but have not
yet confirmed, that all .swf files will have to reside in the same
directory.  More on that later.

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