using movie player? general UI components use?

using movie player? general UI components use?

Post by roosta » Sun, 08 Feb 2004 18:13:49

i'm fairly new to flash, and have build some apps. i'm working on a pocket pc
application that is basically a simple video player (to load and play .flv
files in the flash mediaplayback component). however, i can't seem to figure
out what is probably very obvious which is how to do i drag a movieplayback
component onto the stage/layer and get it to work/load a media clip from the

 i would prefer to NOT invoke windows media player to play the video (which i
could convert to wmv)



using movie player? general UI components use?

Post by Bill Perr » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 09:32:53

Hi Rich

 You'll have to use the old movie playack component from Flash MX and not the
new one from FMX Pro 04.  Reason is the new MediaPlayback component is for FP7
and PPCs only support FP6 SWF files

 You should just have to drag and drop the movie playback component onto your
stage and then specify what the video source file is using the Property

 One thing worth noting is the standard components for desktop development are
ActionScript heavy and will cause slow playback performance on your PPC
(depending on your processor speed and if you have a dedicated graphics chip).

 I'd suggest doing a search in the help files in FMX for 'media components' and
also taking a look at Macromedia's web site for tech notes or articles