Data Grid on mobile devices

Data Grid on mobile devices

Post by Stev » Sun, 01 Feb 2004 04:55:55

We're building an app for a mobile device, and we believe we need to
use a data grid to display some info.
a) We're a little worried about performance.  Also,
b) we're a bit confused about how to bind data to the grid.  
Any input we could get on topics a or b would be greatly appreciated.

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 can anyone help me, I need to know how can I run a flash moie (swf file) on my
mobile device??
 The swf file is embedded in an XHTML Page. I have made a lot of modifications
to the actual code used for embedding swf in IE or Netscape, please see this
url :
 to get an Idea how i am trying to embedd.

 I am trying to run the XHTML page on Nokie 5100 Mobile Internet Toolkit.

 Ankur Kashyap

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