HP Ipaq 4155 questions

HP Ipaq 4155 questions

Post by arcticcat9 » Sat, 17 Jan 2004 04:12:21

Can I run Flash presentations on this?  I am new to it, but that is one thing I'd like to do.  Any advice would be appreciated.



HP Ipaq 4155 questions

Post by Bill Perr » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 10:03:59

Yes you can but chances are if the Flash presentations were created for desktop
playback you may have to tweak them so they're legible on the PPC screen.  
Things like font sizes logos and images may not appear crisp and clear.  To get
optimal font legibility consider using the device font feature of FMX 04, pixel
fonts or ultra pixel fonts

 If you're interested in developing Flash presentations or content for PPCs
then take a look at the Macromedia FP6 for PPC Dev Kit


 PPCs only support versions 6 and lower SWF files so any FMX 04 content you
create must be exported as version 6 to be played back on PPCs

 You can also download some Flash examples from my site