tungsten t3

tungsten t3

Post by Tony » Tue, 10 Feb 2004 23:34:05


I 've bought a palm tungsten t3 and now i'd like to know where i can
find a version of flash player for its internet navigator (webpro 3).
Someone told me that the sony cli already have this player but i cannot
find it on the web.



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I was wondering if anyone was able to use their Tungsten T3 (DIA) Dynamic Input Area which is the collapsible screen when reading documents, etc. with the Adobe Reader for Palm OS. PalmOne wrote 2 prc files after launching and shipping the T3's available to all software developers to write their programs for full utilization of DIA of the extended screen for T3's only. Here is one of many software developers utilizing these 2 .prc files from PalmOne and have written their programs for full DIA use on the T3's:
I am hoping the Adobe will someday write a new version for T3 users, and other devices that have extended DIA's built in.

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