hp ipaq 3970!

hp ipaq 3970!

Post by phillip m. torron » Wed, 29 May 2002 02:27:28

wow, check it out!


The iPAQ H3970 features Pocket PC 2002 running on a 400Mhz Intel StrongARM
with 64Mb of Memory built in along with a Secure Digital (SD) Memory Slot
which also accepts Multi Media Cards (MMC) for memory upgrades. It also
alows you to enjoy the benefit of integrated Bluetooth capabilities so you
can easily set it up to send and receive wireless e-mail or browse the web
through a bluetooth phone such as the Ericsson T68i, T39 or the Nokia 6310
or 6310i.

can't wait to try flash on it.


flash enabled: flash design and development for devices (xscale devices


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An off topic question but my only source to get an answer....

I want to buy an iPaq 3970 with bluetooth etc....

I work on a Mac and my question is if I could synchronize with my Mac or do I need a PC
If not

Wich PocketPC based on windows OS can work with Mac and got bluetooth?


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