Lex/Flex, Bison/Yacc Major Mode

Lex/Flex, Bison/Yacc Major Mode

Post by Tom C. Hampt » Fri, 09 May 1997 04:00:00


I have posted a similar message to comp.compilers.  I am planning on
creating a major mode(s) for the above language.  So, I am now fishing
for ideas, thoughts, and wishes regarding these new modes.  I would
like to start a discussion regarding these, and once a reasonable
consensus is reached, I will go off in my little corner and see what I
can do to create a mode(s) with the desired features.

I could have used these modes this semester for a project at school
where I created an assembler.  Since all I found was bison-mode.el,
which was wholly inadequate, I have decided to do this project.

I think that since comp.compilers is a moderated group is might be
better to have the discussion here in comp.emacs.  

Btw, my e-mail may be changing soon (I am graduating :-).  So, while
you may reply in email if you wish, however, I recommend keeping
everything in comp.emacs for a while.  Once I have my new email
address I may set up a mailing list if there is enough activity to
warrant it.

Ok, so what does everyone want to see?



1. YACC, Bison, lex, flex Modes for emacs

Howdy all-

After searching for a mode for the above, I found bison-mode.el which
many of you have probably found as inadequate as I did.  I am
seriously considering writing Emacs major modes for the above
languages.  I would like to open up a discussion of the desired
features of these modes.  I don't want to limit anybody's brainstorms,
please feel free to wish away. Whatever the consensus is for a feature
set, I will do my best to implement.

I am cross-posting this message to comp.compilers and comp.emacs for
the obvious reason that I wanted to catch as many interested parties
as possible.  However, the entire thread probably does not need to be
cross-posted to both groups.  Does anyone have a preference as to
which group to continue the discussion?  Both groups seem equally
appropos to me.

My e-mail may be changing in the near future.  So, you may send
replies to this address if you wish (at your own risk :-), but I would
advise keeping them in the newsgroups until I sort out a new e-mail
address.  At that point if the discussion seems lively enough, I may
set up a mailing list, to conserve bandwidth, and keep from annoying
uninterested parties.

'nuf said.

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