Strange spell check behaviour

Strange spell check behaviour

Post by aras » Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:51:08

I have a strange spell check behaviour. In the following after the
tabbing environment, the following paragraph is not spell checked.
However, if I remove the tabbin envirionment, then the following
paragraph is spell checked. Or if I move the paragraph is moved before
tabbing, then it is spell checked. What is wrong in the tabbing or spell
check behaviour? Can any one explain. Thanks.



where \=$\mu$ \== friction coefficient\\
    \>$\sigma_{n}$\>= normal pressure across the interface (kPa) \\
    \>$S_{r}$\>= relative rubbing speed between the surfaces (mm/s), and \\
    \>$G_{\alpha}$\>= included angle of the grooving(degrees), with
    G$_{\alpha}$ = 180\textdegree~for flat surfaces.

In a typical milling situation, the juice flow under high pressure in
the groove tip region may serve to lubricate the contact interface,
thus reducing the friction coefficient. The coefficient of friction
$\mu=0.5$ served as a reasonable value for all practical two-roll



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Dear experts,

In emacs to one of my files, the spell check is not checking beyond a
certain point. I don't know whether I pressed a wrong key during
my previous editing. Even renaming the file is of no help.
This is happening to only a particular file, but not to other files.

I think some thing wrong, and I damn sure it should work. Can I expect
some advice from the experts. Thanks.


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