maximum buffer size

maximum buffer size

Post by ihhan » Mon, 27 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I'm trying to read a large file (400MB) into emacs and get
the error message "maximum buffer size exceeded."

Is there anything that I can do to read the file?


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Dear EMACS Guys:

I am an engineer who does large Finite Element analysis and therfore
edits very large files (<10 meg text files). In trying to edit
a 16.5 meg file the following message appeared:

I looked in info, news and help for info on how to increase this
maximum size but came of short.  So I come to the community at large:

1: Is their a variable I can set to increase the size
2: Is their a value in the source code I can set for a "Big file"
3: Is their another workaround (lisp prog that puts file in mult buffs)

Please mail respnses.

If someone asks for it I will post the results.


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