Is there uEMACS for the Mac??

Is there uEMACS for the Mac??

Post by Michael Lonet » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 10:42:00

eat mee!!!!

Is there a version of EMACS that runs on the mac??  How about other
editors that read/write "plain" text files?  We're using several Mac+'s
as terminals/word processors/graphics stations(at home), but all our printing
runs through the vax.  We have a lot of material (reeports, data, etc) on
the vax, formatted for troff.  We also have two vt100 terminals in the
office, and only 1 mac (direct connection to the VAX).   What we need is
a simple editor to allow us to download text files, work on them, and
upload them without having to reformat (other than the cr<->nl
conversion).  This leaves MSWord out.  I just got the demo version of
FastEddie2, I haven't tried it yet, but from the docs I would guess that
some of the computerphobes would have a rough time getting the hang of
it.  Emacs would be the ideal, since they already know it.  Failing
that, we need something really easy to learn.  

PS:  Is mockwrite what I'm looking for.  I've seen a lot of references
to it on the net, but I've never seen it advertised, posted, or in the
GEnie software library.

PPS: Thanks for all those who tried to help with my earlier printer
travails, I did eventually get it running, now it seems to have died, I
should have bought an imagewriter.

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Is there uEMACS for the Mac??

Post by Tim Smi » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 21:19:00

FastEddie opens files a lot faster than uEMACS.  If you have big files
you will go to sleep waiting for uEMACS.

FastEddie also supports overlapping windows.
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