why doesn't Emacs cover the full screen?

why doesn't Emacs cover the full screen?

Post by Torsten Müll » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 19:09:16

This comes because the Emacs window is sized up to entire lines and



1. Why won't my emacs v18.57 resolv any but full pathname files?

( We are using Emacs v 18.57 on an IBM Risc System 6000 running AIX 3.1.x
  and AIX 3.2).

For us, emacs will not locate files in the current directory without
providing a full pathname.  We have to use this alias:

        alias emacs 'emacs `pwd`/\!*'

Unfortunately, this alias will not work with our automounted filesystems.

Have I done something wrong in compiling or setting up emacs?  Have others
had a similar problem that they were able to figure out?

Any suggestions or insight would definitely be appreciated.


Ntl Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO 80303.

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