ELLE wanted...

ELLE wanted...

Post by Ozan Yig » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 12:47:00

        Does anyone have ELLE ?? A friend had once picked it up
        from SRI-NIC, but due to some problems, he could not
        send it to me intact. Since he is now elsewhere in the
        globe, I cannot get it from him anymore. I would appreciate
        getting it from someone else who has it, either thru usenet,
        thru tape, or thru a guest uucp-link. [I gave up on trying
        to reach ELLE's author... He does not seem to respond...
        long time ago, he was almost interested in putting ELLE to
        usenet, but I lost contact]

        Please respond via mail.

The best way to have a          Usenet: [decvax|ihnp4]!utzoo!yetti!oz

lot of ideas.                   Phonet: [416] 736-5053 x 3976


1. key-remapping/bindings in elle/emacs

I am running under Minix 1.3/1.5(IBMPC 386sx) and Unix (bsd4.3/encore) and
need help in key-bindings with either 'elle' or 'emacs', I want to make
them WordPerfect keystroke compatible at least on the simpler commands.

F1 = undo/cancel last command
F7 = save with prompt for filename, answer 'y' = save/write file and leave
     in next blank document on screen...

F10 = save and exit

F5 = list files of current directory to screen (overlay) cancelled back
     to editor with F1.

F8 = underline on/off toggle

F6 = bold on/off toggle

F4 = paragraph block indent 5 spaces

F2 = forward search for string

F3 = backward search for string

101 keyboard
PgUp key = page up
PgDn key = page down
up arrow = up by one line
down arrow = down by one line
left/right arrow keys by one character
backspace = delete to the left
del = delete above cursor

and THAT's IT!!
haven't people done a lot of key-rebindings in the years that emace/elle
has been around and can just direct me to some ftp site where these might
be kept? I don't have the experience to learn key-remapping in less than
3-4 months. Have no other help.
thanks for any/all hints/directions.


Chuck Boyer, ITS Secretary
Seattle University

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