to mark a special column

to mark a special column

Post by Sven Reit » Tue, 24 Aug 1999 04:00:00


thank you very much for the hint about line numbering with setnu.el, it
works great!

Another question is: Is it possible to mark (highlight) for instance column
80 (or another one) in every line? It would be handy to see if my lines are
getting to long for a later printing job.

TIA, Sven


1. How to mark a columns?

Dear all,

I wonder if it's possible to mark any kind of
column in emacs or xemacs so that I can cut delete
or copy it. I'll give you the following example
of one of my typical xemacs-buffers:

                *                     *          
VIRG_AGRT5      -----------------------ARTKDRRS
TORR_ECOLI      -----------------------PHTQDN-C
PHOB_ECOLI      ----------------------SPMAVEE-V
YLCA_ECOLI      -------------------------------
COPR_PSESM      --------------------------QVQTSL
CZCR_ALCEU      -------------------------SKESERL

Now I'd like to remove the columns marked by "*".
Maybe xemacs is able to do this (or maybe there
is a package for this job), so I dont't have to use
awk or a spreadsheet.

        Thanks very much for help,


Arne Mueller            
Institut fuer Mikrobiologie und Genetik
Abt. Molekulare Genetik und
Praeparative Molekularbiologie
Universitaet Goettingen
Grisebachstr. 8
37077 Goettingen
phone: +49-551-399654   | fax  : +49-551-393805

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