eshell ls directory completion adds separator

eshell ls directory completion adds separator

Post by Ned Lu » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 01:43:51

How can I get rid of the final directory separator when I use
completion under eshell's ls?

Say I have a subdirectory 'foobar'.  I type 'ls foo<TAB>' and I get:

Quote:> ls foobar\

When I hit <ENTER> I get "Expection completion of delimiter \" in the
minibuffer and the cursor just hangs.  The command executes after two

I am using XEmacs 21.4.11 on Win2k.  I do have "cygwin-mount" loaded,
but this happens even if I de-activate it. (And even if I run xemacs
with "-q".)


1. Eshell-buffer-shorthand and Eshell completions

First, a bug: when I turn eshell-buffer-shorthand to true, my commands
stop producing any output at all, either when redirected or not.

I am using eshell 2.4.2 (which is budled with emacs 21.3.1). I tested
with 'emacs --no-init-file', so my .emacs is not in question.

Also, eshell will not complete to a file which is already on the
command line. Is there any way to turn this off?

     ps2pdf pre<tab>

When I hit tab, I want "pre" to complete to "". I will
change the extension ".ps" to ".pdf" myself. I just don't want to
retype "presentation" all over. For now, eshell refuses to complete
because "" is already on the command line -- even if
there is, in fact, a "" file in the current directory.

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