eshell: bug in Makefile?

eshell: bug in Makefile?

Post by Christian Lembur » Tue, 12 Nov 2002 21:52:48

On an (admittedly old) XEmacs version '21.1 (patch 12) "Channel
Islands" XEmacs Lucid', eshell would, during compilation, write
useless eshell-auto.el and pcomplete-auto.el files, which resulted in
pcomplete and eshell not being available after loading the above

The problem was fixed by exchanging the order of arguments in the call
that generated the above files in the Makefile, after examining
(describe-function 'batch-update-autoloads).

This is probably not a big problem nowadays that eshell is distributed
with XEmacs, but it might save somebody else out there some time.

--- eshell-2.4.2/Makefile       Fri Oct 13 12:49:59 2000

 infodir = $(prefix)/info
 docdir = $(prefix)/doc

-EMACS   = emacs
+EMACS   = xemacs
 MAKEINFO = makeinfo
 TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi

        echo ";;; DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE" > eshell-auto.el
        echo "(if (featurep 'eshell-auto) (error \"Already loaded\"))" \
                >> eshell-auto.el
-       $(BEMACS) -f eshell-generate-autoloads ./eshell-auto.el .
+       $(BEMACS) -f eshell-generate-autoloads . ./eshell-auto.el
        echo "(provide 'eshell-auto)" >> eshell-auto.el
        ln -f eshell-auto.el auto-autoloads.el

--- pcomplete-1.1.7/Makefile    Thu Apr 27 11:49:54 2000

 infodir = $(prefix)/info
 docdir = $(prefix)/doc

-EMACS  = emacs
+EMACS  = xemacs
 MAKEINFO= makeinfo
 TEXI2DVI= texi2dvi

        echo ";;; DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE" > pcmpl-auto.el
        echo "(if (featurep 'pcmpl-auto) (error \"Already loaded\"))" \
                >> pcmpl-auto.el
-       $(BEMACS) -f pcomplete-generate-autoloads ./pcmpl-auto.el .
+       $(BEMACS) -f pcomplete-generate-autoloads . ./pcmpl-auto.el
        echo "(provide 'pcmpl-auto)" >> pcmpl-auto.el
        ln pcmpl-auto.el auto-autoloads.el


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