XEmacs NT and GNUS Smileys

XEmacs NT and GNUS Smileys

Post by David War » Tue, 26 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Hi there,

RE: XEmacs 21.1.6 on Windows/NT

No matter what I do, I cannot get smileys to work
in GNUS, or in any buffer for that matter.

I assume that if I type :-) in the scratch
buffer and then do M-x smiley-buffer I should
see a smiley.

Has anyone gotten smileys working on NT ??

Thanks to all



1. New Gnus, Old XEmacs == No Smileys

Summary: with Gnus 5.10.1 in XEmacs 21.1.14, I don't see any smileys :-(.

Details: yesterday I upgraded to Gnus 5.10.1 (from 5.8.7).  I'm using the Gnus
source distribution, not any XEmacs package of Gnus.  I have the variable
`gnus-treat-display-smileys' set to `t'.  In this new Gnus, when I view an
article containing smileys, each smiley is replaced with nothing.  In other
words, they are successfully matched, but for whatever reason no smiley glyphs
is displayed in their place.

Smileys worked properly for me in Gnus 5.8.7.  Through a little investigation,
I discovered that `smiley.el' has been completely rewritten between 5.8.7 and

Before I dig any deeper, I thought I'd ask if missing smileys is a known
problem between modern Gnus and old XEmacs, and if so, how do I fix it?

Thanks ---



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