Install xemacs 19.15 and/or xemacs 20.0

Install xemacs 19.15 and/or xemacs 20.0

Post by Jean-Louis Rege » Wed, 21 May 1997 04:00:00

Hello all,

I did try to compile and install xemacs 19.15 and 20.0
under Ultrix 4.3 with gcc 2.7.2 . The compilation ran fine.
Installation is ok, too. Then running xemacs brings up
the usual editor windows with the menus and the buttons,
but as soon as I try to execute any command the message
"Memory exhausted" forbids any further work.
Does somebody know of a simple fix to this problem?
Thanx a lot in advance for any help.



1. PATCH: Xemacs 20.0/19.15 src/md5.c

        While md5 is described in RFC 1321, it is described with an
incorrect implementation on 64 bit machines.
        long is not a 4 byte quantity on Digital UNIX.  Since most
machines have a 4 byte int, int is safer to use than long.  (A
completely accurate patch will ensure that it is using a 4 byte

                                Larry Schwimmer

                                Distributed Computing Operations

--- src/md5.c.orig      Wed Dec 18 14:43:59 1996

 typedef unsigned char *POINTER;/* POINTER defines a generic pointer type */
 typedef unsigned short int UINT2;/* UINT2 defines a two byte word */
-typedef unsigned long  int UINT4;/* UINT4 defines a four byte word */
+typedef unsigned int UINT4;/* UINT4 defines a four byte word */

 #define PROTO_LIST(list) list
 #define MD_CTX MD5_CTX

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