GNU Emacs18.59 on AIX: fatal error (23)

GNU Emacs18.59 on AIX: fatal error (23)

Post by Kezhao Zha » Wed, 05 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I installed GNU Emacs 18.59 on an IBM RS6000 running AIX3.2( I didn't
install the huge 19.** version  because of lack of disk space.) There
is one very nagging problem: whenever tty is /dev/pst/0, emacs hangs
with a 'fatal error (23)'. Could anyone tell me what causes the
problem and how to solve it?

Any help is appreciated.

Kezhao Zhang
Physics Department
UC, San Diego


1. Fatal error (23)

When I press C-h in emacs, I get the message: 'Fatal error (23)'.  I have
tried two different versions (18.59 and 19.21), to no avail.  I suspect
this has something to do with the terminal setup, because, version 19.21
works under XWindows, but, from a vt100 it prints the error message.

A little over a week ago, version 18.59 used to work.  Only recently has
this problem appeared, and I can't seem to recall any changes to terminal
setup or to my installation of emacs.

The system in question is an IBM RS/6000 580 running AIX 3.2.4.  It has
256MB of RAM and 20GB of disk.

Thank you for any suggestions.



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