Exhausted memory with cygwin binary kit for W2K

Exhausted memory with cygwin binary kit for W2K

Post by Mithr » Wed, 07 Feb 2001 08:13:54

Today I was surprised to observe that XEmacs failed to open a 104M
file, with the message 'Memory exhausted' in the minibuffer.  I've
been using the pre-compiled cygwin binaries for the past few days, so
I tried my original WinNT XEmacs, which opened the file without
problems.  Is a simple solution apparent to anyone so I could use the
cygwin Xemacs, and so have an integrated cygwin/Xemacs environment?

My system is running MS Windows 2K (boo hiss), with an Intel 686
850mHz cpu and 260M of physical ram (so there should be *no* trouble
opening that file!).  I've searched google and the mailing list
archives for information on exhausted memory problems in Xemacs, but
have seen nothing.

Just to repeat, the problem is not that Xemacs is crashing - it's
behaving robustly enough - but that the cygwin-compiled executable
fails to open the same file the WinNT-ported executable handles just

thanks in advance!

ben taylor

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1. Memory exhausted

In XEmacs 20.4 "Emerald" [Lucid] (i386-debian-linux, Mule) of Mon Apr 20 1998 on dres
configured using `configure --with-sound=both --with_menubars=lucid --with_scrollbars=lucid --with_dialogs=athena --site-includes=/usr/include/db '--cflags=-O2 -Wall ' --extra-verbose --statedir=/var/lib --infodir=/usr/info/xemacs-20.4 --prefix=/usr --lockdir=/var/lib/emacs/lock --sitelispdir=/usr/share/xemacs20 --with-session=yes --doc_file_name=DOC-mule-canna-wnn --with-mule --with-canna --with-wnn i386-debian-linux'

Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
and the precise symptoms of the bug:

I got the following message, when I used W3 or Gnus with big

Signaling: (error "Memory exhausted")

  gnus-select-newsgroup("de.comp.os.linux.misc" nil)
  gnus-summary-read-group-1("de.comp.os.linux.misc" nil t nil nil)
  gnus-summary-read-group("de.comp.os.linux.misc" nil t nil nil)
  gnus-group-read-group(nil t)

The present situtation isn't acceptabel. Can you tell me a
bugfix/solution ?  (I've an Cyrix 200+L, 64 MB-SDRAM, SCSI-II,

Thanks a lot, Reinhard

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