Any macros for editing yacc/lex code?

Any macros for editing yacc/lex code?

Post by Rajappa Iy » Sat, 16 Jan 1993 20:00:00

Was intending to roll out my own, but thought I'd ask first --- maybe
somebody has already done the hard work. Are there any modes for
editing C-like code such as Yacc and Lex scripts? The default C-mode
macros make it completely impossible (for me, at least) to edit Yacc
and Lex scripts.




1. Answered: Macros to edit Yacc code.

Thanks to all who answered my query about emacs macros to edit yacc
and lex code. All pointed to bison-mode.el in elisp-archive at This works best with yacc/bison code. No
macros for editing lex code seems to exist.

Again, thanks to all who responded.



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