emacs and large scheme files

emacs and large scheme files

Post by Ofer Resh » Tue, 26 May 1992 16:53:08

Hello all,
  We use scheme under emacs. We have large scheme files that we want to feed
  scheme using Meta-o (send buffer) command in a scheme-mode buffer.
  For some reason, emacs gets stuck when trying to send-buffer. It works
  perfectly with small files.
  I'd appreciate any help.


1. Large files on OS/2 Emacs

I'm having trouble loading up a file larger than about 10000 bytes on
emacs for os/2.  Is there some parameter that I can change to allow
larger files?  OR IS THIS THE LIMIT!?  Please tell me - my source
files grew and I can no longer accommodate them on my emacs at home!


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