Multiple character key binding?

Multiple character key binding?

Post by Rik Bel » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 12:28:00

How can I get a key emitting a multiple-key sequence (like the
ANSI-X3.64 "ESC [ A", "ESC[220z", ...) bound to a keymap?
I can't get the following to work in my .emacs init file
(I get a "Error in init file" message):

(global-set-key "\e [ A" 'previous-line)                ; R8
(global-set-key "\e [ B" 'next-line)                    ; R14
(global-set-key "\e [ C" 'forward-char)         ; R12
(global-set-key "\e [ D" 'backward-char)                ; R10

(global-set-key "\e [ 2 2 0 z" 'backward-word)  ; R13
(global-set-key "\e[222z" 'forward-word)        ; R15
(global-set-key "\e[214z" 'beginning-of-line)   ; R7
(global-set-key "\e[216z" 'end-of-line)         ; R9
(global-set-key "\e[210z" 'scroll-backward)     ; R3
(global-set-key "\e[213z" 'scroll-forward)      ; R6

Also, I've found the compile options to enable X-windows support,
but haven't found any doc about it. Is there any?

        Thank you.

Rik Belew

EECS Department  (C-014)
San Diego, CA 92093        
619 / 534 - 2601


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vasu> 1) I would like to customize C-x C-c so that in addition to invoking
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"kill-emacs-hook" is called whenever a "kill-emacs" command (C-x C-c) is
executed. You can have it do just about whatever you want.

vasu> 2) Is it possible to highlight regions in reverse video, as in X
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Try epoch or lucid emacs.

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