Transformational grammar in computer language?

Transformational grammar in computer language?

Post by Paul Kinnuca » Tue, 23 May 2000 04:00:00

>> Thank you very much for all this, but unfortunately I am not a Perl
>> programmer. :-(  However, I am quite familiar with LISP, especially
>> Emacs-Lisp.  Is it any harder to do this in Emacs-Lisp?  Don't worry
>> if Emacs-Lisp doesn't have as much built-in support for regular
>> expressions as Perl does; we can write functions that deal with
>> regular expressions.  What I would definitely want as one of the
>> things available in the regular expressions is access to a predicate
>> (such as vowel-p or consonant-p).

>I know a little Perl, but I don't know all the intricacies of Perl
>regexes.  Hm.  But I don't think that Perl regular expressions are
>more powerful than a context-free grammar, and thanks to the Semantic
>Bovinator (announced on gnu.emacs.sources some weeks ago) you have a
>parser generator in Emacs Lisp.  Is this sufficient?  (I think the
>Semantic Bovinator has expressiveness comparable with yacc, but I'm
>not quote sure, since I haven't tried it.)

Yes, the bovinator is comparable with yacc. I wrote a Java grammar for the
bovinator and am using it to generate the indexes required by imenu and
speedbar. The result is a substantial improvement in speed and completeness
over the regular expressions provided by java-mode. The grammar and imenu
and speedbar support  will be available in the next release of the Java
Development Environment for Emacs (http:sunsite.auc/jde/).

- Paul


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