browse-url-netscape : xemacs 21.1.9 , ms-w

browse-url-netscape : xemacs 21.1.9 , ms-w

Post by S. Cham » Mon, 26 Jun 2000 04:00:00


with browse-url "browser function" set to `browse-url-netscape'

..when this results in
        -remote openurl(c/w98/temp/burlf_qdop)

        being passed to netscape,

with xemacs 21.1.9 on ms-w-98,

this causes a problem.

( the following page is what turns-up, after the software tries to find what is
taken as a search-engine query-string :

i'm going to be looking into this myself, but i'm new to elisp, and having !fun
digging through it, so wanted to make sure it was mentioned, in case it's a help
to someone else.

( also, if anyone felt like doing some work on building a plugin to help
netscape to communicate better with xemacs, and vice-versa, i'll send along some
URLs about NS-plugin-development.  I don't know C++ yet, so am not able to take
it on, myself. but, for those of us who are able to run netscape, which i'm
guessing is the majority of us,

 is it not time that people move onto something that could be better than w3
&info-browsing; &else; ?)

-- s.c.