strange new frame behaviour

strange new frame behaviour

Post by Hai Ph » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I'm a recent new user of xemacs (jed's c/c++ mode finally annoyed me
enough to make me switch), and after some initial problems, I'm now
happily coding away with it.  However, there's one problem that I
haven't been able to figure out that's driving me a bit crazy.

Basically, when I edit, I tend to open/close lots of different source
files.  For example, I like to have one frame that has the .cc file and
another frame where I'm editing the .h file.  This way, I can quickly
flip back and forth between windows for reference or to make changes as
necessary.  This generally works quite well, however after a while
xemacs will suddenly refuse to let me edit anything except the last open
frame.  The only way to get to a previously opened frame is to delete
the newest frame backwards until I eventually get to the frame that I
want to edit.  Once this behaviour starts, the only way to make it go
away is to quit xemacs and restart.

I'm not sure if this is a (mis)feature or not, but I've gone through
both the FAQ and all the options in the Options menu to try to make this
behaviour go away without success.  So is this my imagination, a known
bug, or should I maybe go and RTFM some more?? :)

thanks for any pointers!


Hai Pham                                  Loran International Tech., Inc.


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