font menu problem on Windows

font menu problem on Windows

Post by Rick Jand » Tue, 29 Jan 2002 07:45:55


I have a little problem with XEmacs on Win NT and 2000.  I can change
fonts with set-face-font but the menus options/font and options/size
allways show me only the message "Cannot parse current font".

Is there a way to change that?

Thank you,
Rick Janda


1. Menu Bar Font problem

I'm running a debian testing/unstable system.  I'm using:
XFree 4.0.3-4
Xemacs 21.4.1-2

I've got a problem:
When I run xemacs the menubar (just above the row of icons), all menu
items, and the 'right mouse click' menu all show what looks like an asian
or arabic font that I simply can't read.

I haven't used emacs in a long time and never tried xemacs before.  So
here's your chance to help convert a gvim user!

All other fonts appear to be in english.

How do I get a regular (english) font?

PS.  I'm not sure if this is xemacs or not, maybe it's X or Gnome.

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