rmail-output-to-rmail-file appends raw text to .gz Rmail file

rmail-output-to-rmail-file appends raw text to .gz Rmail file

Post by Eric De Mun » Fri, 08 Oct 1993 06:09:32


rmail-output-to-rmail-file appends raw text to a gzip(1)ed Rmail file.
Is this a bug or have I not set all the hooks I need to set in order to
get this output to go through the crypt++ write routines?

[ configuration:
    o SunOS 4.1.2 on SparcStation 1
    o GNU Emacs 19.19.2
    o ~/.emacs file with:
        (load "~/lib/emacs/lisp/crypt")
        (require 'crypt)
    o crypt.el{,c} -> crypt++.el{,c}
    o crypt++.el 2.67
        ;;; VERSION:
        ;;; !Id: crypt++.el,v 2.67 1993/08/17 14:54:46 dodd Exp !
        ;;; !Date: 1993/08/17 14:54:46 !
        ;;; !Revision: 2.67 !
    o Gzip 1.2.4 (18 Aug 93)

Thanks for your help,


1. Outputting to RMAIL file with rmail-output and FCC

Hello everyone!

I have a problem when I am outputting to RMAIL files using both FCC
and the rmail-output function. I beleive the problem is that
rmail-output is outputting in rmail-format and FCC is just appending
the message in mail-format and so somethimes I get messages
piggybacked on each other when I am looking at them with rmail

I had a look at rmailout.el and I could just hack this to not output
in rmail mode all the time, but surely there is a more elegant way of
doing this.

if I were to hack it I guess the function I need to change would be


would it be o.k. to

(require rmailout)
(defun rmail-file-p (file) nil)

in my .emacs? the only .el files I know about that use rmail-file-p are in
rmailout.el so I guess this would be o.k.

I would prefer not to have to require rmailout everytime I start
emacs. is there a way to get this done after rmailout is loaded? are
there rmailout-hooks?

any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks again


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