ebrowse question for C++ browsing.

ebrowse question for C++ browsing.

Post by BE » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 02:23:54


I have emacs 21.3.1 running on windows nt4 sp 6.
I have tried to use ebrowse:

First i created a BROWSE file with ebrowse *.h *.cpp,
that works, i get a BROWSE file.
When i open the file I just get to see the raw contents of the file,
nothing more.

When I try the same at home (windows XP) however with another set
of files it does work.
I use the sane .emacs, at home and work.
The files at work are in a virtual file system though (ClearCase vobs).

Can anybody help?
Or does any body know a better (free) C++ browser,
where i can see the class inheritance tree and dependencies?



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Hi all,

I am new to emacs and I was trying to get code completion and code
browsing similar to what MSVS does for C++ (or JBuilder/Netbeans do
for Java).

Any idea?

Thanks all!


Fabio Pellacini, PhD student - Program of Computer Graphics, Cornell U.


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