Trouble running shell programs within emacs..

Trouble running shell programs within emacs..

Post by Marius Kjeldah » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I have encountered a problem related to running shell programs within
emacs (e.g. when compiling a program or running a shell command). These
programs are not able to return anything to emacs (output) when I run
them as a "normal" user. However, if I run them as root, everything
works fine and dandy.

The first time I noticed this was after installing linux 2.0.0 on my
machine. I am pretty sure it is related to my setup, but I do not know
where to look. When I compile within emacs with "gcc test.c" it fails
within emacs, but works outside of emacs (directly from a shell). If I
do the same as root within emacs, it works.

I have tested this with xemacs 19.14 and emacs 19.31. It is exactly the
same behaviour.

Does anyone know what is wrong with my setup, or how I can find out why
emacs is unable to run these processes and receive the output from

Thanks in advance..



1. Shell trouble - third post (was Shell trouble - second post, please read)

Surely someone somewhere has had this problem.  I am
on a HP-UX 10.20 PA2.0.  I have tried switching my
stty settings to just about everything possible and
I always have the same problem.  I have not gotten a
single email on this.  Please just email me and tell
me to shut up!  Please read on :

** Previous post **

When I enter shell mode (I'm using ksh) if I start a
program that has lots of output, I can't break it
or move my cursor around until the program ends.  Its
almost like xemacs is waiting for the shell to take a
breath before it will interrupt it.

ie. If I pull a Homer and do "tar x" instead of a "tar t",
I can press ^C^C and the screen freezes and I won't see anything
until the find command finishes.  But, when the screen finally
refreshes, the find command was allowed to run to completion.
Depending on the tarball, this could be a very bad thing!
Then the ^C^C goes thru and I see a two command lines.
That's just a little too late! This is happens with the latest
release xemacs (21.1) and all betas I've used.  This never happened
on 20.4.

Or: If I do a "tar t" and I want to start scrolling thru the
output before the command finishes; as soon as I press a key
the output freezes until the find finishes.  And (say I pressed
page up) the page up takes place from the bottom of the output
and not where I actually pressed the key.

This problem isn't there in telnet or rsh.  It is there in
rlogin and shell.

If this is a FAQ or documented somewhere, just let me know.
Otherwise HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thx in advance,

Rodney Stromlund
Southwest Airlines Co.
Systems Department
Sales & Revenue Accounting Group

(214) 792-6484

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