Post by Dean Markari » Sat, 16 Jan 1993 02:35:43

could you please let me know how I could get the code? Thank You


Post by Darryl Okaha » Sat, 16 Jan 1993 03:48:48

> could you please let me know how I could get the code? Thank You

     There are three ways to get GNU Emacs running on an HP machine:

* Get version 18.59, which is supposed to support S700s.

* For vanilla GNU Emacs V18.57, patches can be obtained via anonymous
  ftp from liasun3.epfl.ch [ non-authoritative address is ].  The filename is "/pub/gnu/emcs1857HPUX8p".  If you
  don't have access to anonymous ftp, send email and I'll send you a
  copy (note that I haven't tested them, although I am told that they
  work well).

* You can obtain a copy of the "unofficial HP GNU Emacs", which is a
  greatly enhanced version of GNU Emacs V18.58 (note that this is
  *NOT* supported by HP).  While it should still work with other
  workstations, this version has been optimized for use with HP
  workstations, and has many non-standard enhancements, a complete set
  of laserjet-ready documentation, and many other bells and whistles.
  Send email if you want a detailed description.

  Note that this version is based upon V18.58, and not V18.59 (there
  aren't a lot of changes between them).

  Sources are currently available via anonymous ftp from
  iworks.ecn.uiowa.edu [] (as /comp.hp/GNUEmacs.tar.Z) --
  please ftp these files during off hours.  You'll need a lot of disk
  space, as this compressed tar archive is about EIGH* MEGABYTES in

  Also note that power comes at a price: you need about forty (40!)
  megabytes of disk space to extract and compile the "unofficial HP GNU
  Emacs".  Once everything has been compiled, you can remove many of the
  files, such as the laserjet-ready documentation.

Note further that you need a C compiler and software development
libraries to compile Emacs.  Many newer HP workstations do not come with
a software developement system and have only a minimal C compiler, good
only for regenerating the HP-UX kernel.  You will not be able to compile
Emacs unless you have the full C compiler, include files, and software
development libraries.

     -- Darryl Okahata

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little green men that have been following him all day.



Post by Mike O'Conn » Sat, 16 Jan 1993 07:47:58

:could you please let me know how I could get the code? Thank You

GNU Emacs 18.59, which compiles just fine on an HP 9000/700 running
HP-UX 8.07 and not-production 9.0, is available for anonymous FTP from


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