Strange gnuclient behavior

Strange gnuclient behavior

Post by Scott Eva » Fri, 26 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I'm running XEmacs 19.14 on AIX 4.1 and 4.2 machines.  On some
machines -- mostly notably a laptop running AIX 4.2 -- gnuclient
is exhibiting some rather strange behavior intermittently.

The symptoms are this: running "gnuclient -q filename" will
sometimes give a message like this:
  gnuclient: Socket is not connected
  gnuclient: unable to shutdown socket

.and the return code is 1.

Strangely, the existing XEmacs *does* open the file.  However, I have
code that relies on the return code of gnuclient to determine if an
active XEmacs process exists.

In this case, gnuserv is definitely running, and previous connections
have been successful.  But once things get hosed like this, they seem
to stay this way, though restarting gnuserv from XEmacs seems to fix
the problem until it crops up again.

Has anyone seen behavior like this?  

 Scott Evans, Senior Software Engineer
 OC Systems


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where \=$\mu$ \== friction coefficient\\
    \>$\sigma_{n}$\>= normal pressure across the interface (kPa) \\
    \>$S_{r}$\>= relative rubbing speed between the surfaces (mm/s), and \\
    \>$G_{\alpha}$\>= included angle of the grooving(degrees), with
    G$_{\alpha}$ = 180\textdegree~for flat surfaces.

In a typical milling situation, the juice flow under high pressure in
the groove tip region may serve to lubricate the contact interface,
thus reducing the friction coefficient. The coefficient of friction
$\mu=0.5$ served as a reasonable value for all practical two-roll


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