A Puzzling Aspectt of Display Tables

A Puzzling Aspectt of Display Tables

Post by International Robotics Foundati » Tue, 22 Aug 1995 04:00:00

    I recently had occaision to want to view the positions of tab
    characters in a buffer.  So, after grubbing around in the info
    pages for a while, I came to the conclusion that a simple display
    table was warranted.  Here's the one I used:

        ;; This hack is shamelessly ripped off from rot13.el

        (defvar visible-tab-display-table
          (let ((table (make-display-table)))
                (aset table 9 (vector ?^ ?I))
                (aset table 1 (vector ?: ?A))
          "Char table for visible tab display.")

    When the above is assigned to a window with the
    (set-window-display-table... function, then the C-A character
    displays as :A but C-I still displays as white space.  What am I
    missing here?

    GNU Emacs 19.28.1 (mips-mips-riscos4.0)



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