Suntools-gnumacs bug

Suntools-gnumacs bug

Post by Praveen Kum » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 12:55:00

Here's the scenario:

I rlogin to a vax (running 4.3 BSD) via a shelltool window in suntools
(I think our suns are running v 3.1 of the OS), I then run gnumacs
(version 17.63.1); I stop or pause gnumacs, clear the screen and
foreground the gnumacs job.  The rlogin hangs.  It won't respond to
anything.  I rlogin via another window and kill the emacs process and
that does nothing.

Has anyone else seen this problem?  Is there already a bug fix for this?

Thanks in advance,


UUCP:   {seismo,allegra}!umcp-cs!eneevax!phaedrus


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        Could someone tell me where the files needed to use emacs on Sun WS
in Suntools environment ?
I get the emacs.19-28 from ftp and compile it in this environment,but stil
, it doesn't change the cursor position with the mouse and F-keys are not
predefined. It seems that I need the following files: sunfns.c with all the
files it includes and the executable "sun-mouse". Where are they ?
Is it enough ?
    Any help appreciated.

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