eshell/rm bug?

eshell/rm bug?

Post by Alex Schroede » Fri, 11 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Is anybody using eshell/rm to kill buffers?  I can't get it to work:

c:/Internet/tmp $ rm #<buffer *scratch*>
Removing old name: invalid argument, c:/Internet/tmp/#<buffer *scratch*>

It seems that within eshell/rm, entry is never bufferp.



1. eshell: eshell-command-result and environment


It would be useful if 'eshell-command-result' inherited the set of
environment variables from the invoking shell, since this would make
it more convenient to write eshell functions.

Consider the following example: a function that invokes snmpget on a
remote machine, whose hostname is passed as an argument. The snmpget
command uses an environment variable MIBS; even if this is set (using
"export MIBS=/path/to/the/mib") in the eshell session, it isn't
propagated to the snmp-uptime command.

Is there is a better way to run external commands?  The following
example is simplified; I really want to do a regexp search on the
results of snmpget.

(defun eshell/snmp-uptime (&rest args)
   (format "snmpget %s public cpuUpTime.0" (first args))))

[I know about the -m option to snmpget]

Eric Marsden                          <URL:>

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