vi style tags in emacs?

vi style tags in emacs?

Post by roo » Thu, 06 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to use emacs with
vi tag files (i.e. files created with ctags)?

Is there a ctags.el somewhere?

The reason I ask is that my company maintains
ctags for about 100Mb of C code.  When I asked
about etags they said emacs does not do
binary search on tags files and therefore
is impractical for really large tags files.

Thanks in advance for any comments, advice,
code, etc.  


Alden Electronics
40 Washington St.
Westborough, MA 01581-1013


1. vi-style copy and kill

I posted earlier regarding how to make XEmacs emulate vi's behaviour for
copying and killing. I've got a sort of proof-of-concept working,
accessible through here (see copy-kill.el):

This binds the following keys:
C-k: Kill with motion, as vi 'd'.
C-K: Kill to end of line, as vi 'D'.
C-k C-k: Kill whole line, as vi 'dd'.
C-y: Copy with motion, as vi 'y'.
C-Y: Copy to end of line, as vi 'Y'. (Actually I think 'Y' does
     something different, but obviously it should work this way.)
C-y C-y: Copy whole line, as vi 'yy'.
C-p: dwim paste (does yank-pop if previous command was yank).

Prefix arguments work with the above to repeat the command, just as in
vi. I've been working with these for a few days and find I much prefer

In addition, there are two minor modes corresponding to vi's visual and
visual block modes. These override the behaviour of the above keys (C-k,
C-y, C-p) to work on the region. Visual block isn't done yet, I still
need to write functions which tie rectangles to the normal kill ring.

If you're an ex-vimer, this is useful to you, and you want to be
notified when it's nicely packaged and all that, let me know. Feedback


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