Diffs for MicroEMACS and MSC

Diffs for MicroEMACS and MSC

Post by Daniel A. Nort » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 12:28:00

I have some diffs for MicroEMACS and Microsoft C versions 3, 4, & 5.
The changes are described below.  If you are interested in obtaining
the diffs, e-mail me -- please do *not* post the request in a news
article.  If there is sufficient interest, I will post the changes.
I am unsure, however, of where to post the changes.  comp.sources.bugs?
comp.emacs?  Somewhere else?  The diffs are about 16k.  I also have a

        001 - Changed routines whose names conflict with standard
library routines.  Apparently, the authors did not like the way
the standard routines worked and created new ones with the same
names.  This is a pet peeve of mine, since someone looking
through such code does not really know right-away that he is
looking at a bastardized version of the function.  Functions
affected are:
                Old Name        New Name
                  ltoa          fmtlong
                  itoa          itods
                  strncpy       xstrncpy
                  atoi          dstoi

The diffs file is fairly large with these changes.  You may
prefer to do global substitutes on the original to the new names.

        002 - For some odd reason, the "malloc" function is
declared throughout the sources.  Since it is already defined in
edef.h, I have removed the duplicate declarations.  Besides, the
redefinitions conflict with the definitions provided by the
standard include file in MSC.

        003 - For the MSC version, I have changed edef.h to
include the standard include files "stdlib.h" and "string.h".

        004 - Have added a capability to create a backup file
when saving a file to disk.  The suffix of the old version of the
file is changed to .BAK.  The environment variable "$backup" is
added.  When it is set (non-zero), the backup file is created.
When is reset (zero), the operation is as before.  On startup,
the backup flag is turned off.  It may be turned on with the
"emacs.rc" file.  This feature is enabled by the compile-time
flag DOSBAK.

        005 - Unfortunately, the MSC compilers vary between
versions enough to warrant three additional compile-time
variables: MSC3, MSC4, and MSC5, to indicate the version of the
MSC compiler.

        006 - EMACS seems to run faster in a network environment
if the file is opened in binary mode and CR characters are
appended manually by EMACS.  It is faster when the file is written,
that is.

        007 - the "sindex" function in eval.c is updated for MSC
to use the "strstr" library function.

        008 - Since MS-DOS does not distinguish between case in
file names, EMACS is changed to do the same.  Previously, it was
forcing the name to lower case.  Now you can "emacs Makefile" and
the name will display as "Makefile", rather than "makefile".

        009 - The spawn.c routines did not even compile with the
regular release of 3.9e.  The changes here take advantage of what
is available with the MSC routines.  In particular, there is no
need for the "execprog" routine.  Also, when invoking the shell,
the SHELL environment variable is checked before checking the
COMSPEC variable for the name of the user shell.

        010 - Some of the messages were inconsistent and
misspelled in spawn.c.

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c/o Momentum Systems Corporation             ...uunet!mosys!nortond
2 Keystone Avenue
Cherry Hill, NJ   08003                         609/424-0734