Can I run a graphics program in an Emacs shell?

Can I run a graphics program in an Emacs shell?

Post by Jeffrey J. Hallm » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 15:47:00

        Undoubtedly this question has been booted around before, so
please reply by email and I'll summarize to the net if anyone wants me to.

        We have a program (Splus) with a Tektronix 4014 device driver
that works with our HDS graphics terminals when not running under
Emacs.  When the same program is run in an Emacs shell buffer, the
graphics commands don't work.  Instead, the graphics control
characters sent by the program are displayed in the shell buffer,
which apparently is translating them to human-readable form (e.g. ^M)
rather than sending them to the terminal to kick it into graphics mode.

        Is there a filter somewhere that will fix this?  Is it
impossible?  Aside from buying workstations or X terminals for
everyone (not in my power :<( ) what can I do?

Jeff Hallman,  Stop 71              uunet!fed!m1jjh00     USENET


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