Bison/Yacc & Lex/Flex Fundamental Modes

Bison/Yacc & Lex/Flex Fundamental Modes

Post by David H. Kafriss » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Are there no editing modes for the two products?
Since Flex and Bison are gnu products I am suprised that the editing modes
are not included with emacs.


David Kafrissen


1. Bison/Yacc & Lex/Flex Fundamental Mode

I am looking for the elisp code for both bison/yacc and flex/lex Emacs
modes. After searching the net for a while, I found a file written by
Brandon S. Allbery.  However, whenever I try to byte-compile or load the
file, emacs returns an error.  In particular, here is the error I am
getting when I byte-compile:

While compiling bison-mode in file
  ** comment-indent-hook is an obsolete variable; use
While compiling toplevel forms:
  !! error (("Invalid escape character syntax"))

I went into the source file and changed that variable name, but nothing
exciting happened.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

In addition, if anyone knows of a Lex/Flex mode, it would be appreciated.

                                       Eric Richard

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