TAB-completion in customize options

TAB-completion in customize options

Post by Klaus Bernd » Thu, 19 Dec 2002 21:31:59

Suppose the following defcustom:

(defcustom some-option "~/.emacs"
  :group 'ecb-help
  :type 'file)

With this the user is able to use M-TAB for TAB-completion for the file-name
to insert. OK, very well.

Now suppose

(defcustom some-option-1 "left"
  :group 'ecb-help
  :type 'string)

Is is possible to define this defcustom, so that the user can also use M-TAB
for TAB-completion for a certain domain of strings, in our example maybe
'("left", "right" "top" bottom").
What i have in mind is something like completing-read...

Is this possible with the custom-library?



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