Fixes and enhancements to MicroEMACS 3.9e

Fixes and enhancements to MicroEMACS 3.9e

Post by William E. Davidsen » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 17:53:00

A few small fixes to the new version 3.9e, shortly to be posted to the
net somewhere. I will post my first set of fixes to the documentation in
a few days. If you run a SysII/SysV system be sure to grab the fix in

This posting has one VMS enhancement, and several small changes. I have
only run it on a few SysV machines, and only a few hours total. Looks
*really* good.
Reason for change:

  Addition of this change allows the emacs.rc file to be in the login
directory rather than the current directory.  Could also be
"sys$login:[bin]" or something like that.

Changes to epath.h:

Quote:>    "sys$login:",

Reason for change:

  When the VT100 option is selected there is a missing "{". Rather than
put it in both places, which messes up my formatter, I placed it on a
line by itself.

  Second change allows RETURN to be a quoted character in search or
replace strings without being turned into a newline. This makes adding
or deleting returns from files much easier.

Changes to input.c:
<    if (c == metac) {

Quote:>    if (c == metac)
>    {

<            if (c == (CTRL | 0x4d))

Quote:>            if (c == (CTRL | 0x4d) && !quotef)

Reason for change:

  When the USG (SysIII/V) option is selected, stdin is placed in polling
mode without setting the flag to indicate that this has been done. This
causes all input to be done in polling mode, making CPU time = the clock
time. While this is not obvious on a single user system, on a large
system it is not acceptable. This change sets the polling flag when
polling mode is used. There was also some code to loop on input, caused by the polling flag error. I removed it.

Changes to termio.c:
<            while (read(0, &kbdq, 1) != 1)
<                    ;

Quote:>            read(0, &kbdq, 1);
>            kbdpoll = TRUE;


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