Again: Problem with Paren Highlighting

Again: Problem with Paren Highlighting

Post by Bernd Schand » Tue, 03 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I am not sure if my posting ever reached the newsgroup,
because I never saw it. Sorry if I just missed it
(including any answers).

I use XEmacs 20.0 and the Paren Highlighting option Expression. When
I write a*document and use the closing bracket, I often get the
following error message
  (1) (error/warning) Error in `post-command-hook' (setting hook to
  (wrong-type-argument number-char-or-marker-p nil)
I have not yet found a regular pattern when it happens, but the last
time it was after the following expression:
        $\max\{\scalar{x,c}:c\in C\}$

Can I avoid that somehow?
Bernd Schandl
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-1907


1. "Paren Highlighting" menu problem

This bug report will be sent to the XEmacs Development Team,
 not to your local site managers!!
Please write in English, because the XEmacs maintainers do not have
translators to read other languages for them.

In XEmacs 21.1 (patch 9) "Canyonlands" [Lucid] (i686-pc-linux) of Sat May 13 2000 on
configured using `configure --prefix=/opt'

Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
and the precise symptoms of the bug:

When I select the "None" option from "Options"/"Paren Highlighting",
the paren highlighting doesn't actually get set to "None".  Instead,
it moves the setting to the one after the one currently selected in
the menu (iterating through the options each time you select "None").

Recent keystrokes:

s RET ESC x p w d RET C-x C-f ~ / . e m a c s RET right
right right right right right right right right right
right right right right right right C-a C-s p a r e
n C-a misc-user misc-user down right right misc-user
misc-user button1 button1up down left right C-a misc-user
misc-user right left down down left left left right
right right misc-user down down down down down left
left right right misc-user misc-user misc-user misc-user
f1 a b u g RET M-x r e p o r t - e m TAB RET

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Wrote /home/djm/.emacs (symlink to RSYNC/.emacs)
Paren mode is OFF
Paren mode is sexp
Paren mode is paren
Paren mode is blink-paren
Wrote /home/djm/.emacs (symlink to RSYNC/.emacs)

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