HTTP Pipelines MSDN mag article Sept 2002

HTTP Pipelines MSDN mag article Sept 2002

Post by Amy Shar » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 00:24:19

I used information found in the MSDN magazine article about HTTP Pipelines
in the September 2002 issue to convert code that I had running in the page
load event of an .aspx page to use HTTP Pipelines.  First, I converted the
code to a DLL that implements the IHttpHandler interface, placed it in the
bin directory of my virtual directory, added the httphandler to the
Web.config, and added my new extension to the IIS metabase to map to the
aspnet_isapi.dll.  This worked perfectly.

Then, the article goes on to explain that using an .ashx file, I could avoid
the deployment issues with changing the web.config and updating IIS.  So, I
decided to convert my DLL to an .ashx file.  I followed the article.   When
I try to execute this of the first lines in the codes uses the
LCase function...I get an error saying LCase is not defined.  I comment this
line out...the next uses the IsNothing function...I also get an IsNothing
not defined error.  I'm also referencing the System.Messaging dll in this
file.  When I reference objects in this library, I get errors that they are
not defined.  Are there tight limits on what one can and can't do in an
.ashx file?

By the way...I'm using C# as the article does.

Thanks for your help...



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In the msdn mag article
there's a description of how to implement a tools/options page with a shim
But I found if I follow the instructions in the article and use the provided
shim control
that way it's 'dangerous': The article does not describe which guids have to
be changed
to get a unique control!
If I use the control the way described and someone else does this too, then
two addins would interfere!
(I already got two addins which can't be installed at the same time because
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use that shim control - seems they followed the article...)

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