Calendar control with sytle sheets probem

Calendar control with sytle sheets probem

Post by Ally Hu » Tue, 06 Aug 2002 19:58:49

I'm having problems using style sheets with the calendar
control.  I have no such problems with the DataGrid

My .aspx file has the following code:

<asp:calendar id=startCalendar runat="server" Font-Size="Smaller">
<SelectedDayStyle CssClass="calSelectedDateStyle">

This results in the following .html code being generated
by ASP.NET (as well of lots of other code obviously!)

<td class="calSelectedDayStyle"

The selected day of the calender is rendered in the default
white text and silver background rather than with the details
in the style sheet.  I assume the 'style' element above is
overruling the style sheet.  If this is the case then how
can I get ASP.NET to stop putting this element in?  I've not
set anything to be these colors and I can't see anywhere
where they are set in Visual Studio.

The relevent section of the style sheet is:

    font-weight: bold;
    color: Yellow;
    background-color: Blue;


Any help would be appreciated.

Ally Hume
Holistyc Ltd


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