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just one question about error handling in
Application_error event seems to be a very good thing even
if I want to get the specific error message with
server.getlasterror() method.

But, server.getlasterror() returns the last error occured
within the application. What happens if 2 users have an
error in my application during the same time ? Which error
will return Server.getlasterror ? Will it be according to
the user session or not ?

thank you for you help


1. Application_Error not fired

Hi all,

I have a simple web service which is called from a ASP.NET application.
Everything works fine. Then I want to test the Application_Error  event
handler in global.asax. So I put some code with divided by 0 in a web method
to test the error handling. But the Application_Error in the web service is
never fired.
Anybody has tried Application_Error  in a web service?

Thanks a lot.

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