Thread-safe objects?

Thread-safe objects?

Post by Michael Giagnocav » Thu, 25 Oct 2001 03:24:12


    How can I know if an object or control provided by the .NET Framework is

For instance:
        I'd like to share a loaded CryptoProvider for all my site, loaded in
a VB Module at startup.
        I'd also like to do the same for a ResourceManager for an entire

    Is this ok?  Where would I find this information in the future, for
other objects?



Thread-safe objects?

Post by Patrick Steel » Sat, 27 Oct 2001 01:12:55

Quote:> How can I know if an object or control provided by the .NET Framework is
> thread-safe?

Try the "IsSynchronized" property.  I've seen it in a lot of classes.

Patrick Steele
Microsoft .NET MVP


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I've posted a thread in the last page of this newsgroup
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I'm trying to design a thread-safe DataLayer.  The reason
it needs to be thread safe is because I keep my
DataAdapter and DataCommand objects as member variables
to each Data Module class ( i.e. EmployeesModule, or
Customers Module ).  I only have one DataAdapter per

So, I want exlusive access to a DataCommand's parameters
collection, and a DataAdapter's SelectCommand every time
an associated method is called.  The last comment
suggested that I lock the Connection for each associated

I was trying to reduce the overhead of creating
DataAdapters and DataCommands every time a ( say,
EmployeesModule.GetEmployeeData(...) ) method is called.  
Am I wasting my time?  Is there a better design out there?

I just want a simple, thread-safe Data Access Layer in
ADO.NET.  Any ideas?


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