Post by Fredrick Bartlet » Sun, 24 Feb 2002 01:42:23

I need to make a field required based on the value in
another field. TextField1 != "" TextField2 = RequiredField
I would like to use the field validation tools
RequirdFieldVatidator or CustomFieldValidator. Can someone
give me a sample in C#

1. FieldValidator Javascript

I am using visual Studio to create a form with a required field validator.
The properties for the validator are enableClientScript=false, but I still
find the following line of code in my browser.

<input language="javascript" onclick="if (typeof(Page_ClientValidate) ==
'function') Page_ClientValidate(); "

which is pretty useles since there is no external Scriptcode or anything
else. My customer doesen't like to see this line in the project since it is
supposed to be clientside script free.

Is there a way to tell ASP.NET not to generate clientside script, especially
when it is not neccessary.

Thank you


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