Problem with MessageName and .NET ISAPI handler

Problem with MessageName and .NET ISAPI handler

Post by Damien Foggo » Thu, 14 Nov 2002 23:06:32

I've got an overloaded method in a web service and have used MessageName to
give the messages different names when in the WSDL file.  The function
signatures are as follows:

<WebMethod(MessageName:="Overload1")> Public Function GetReleaseDate(ByVal
objDetails As ArtistAlbum) As String
<WebMethod(MessageName:="Overload2")> Public Function GetReleaseDate(ByVal
strArtist As String, ByVal strAlbum As String) As String

When I create the proxy in VS.NET the two methods are created correctly with
the name GetReleaseDate with the correct signatures.  Now if I look at the
ASMX file in IE the two overloaded methods have names that are the values of
MessageName rather than the names of the methods.

It seems that the ASMX parser is picking up the MessageName and using that
when it shouldn't?  Does this look like a bug to anyone else?



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